Issue: Home Ownership

Home ownership is one of the most important investments that most americans can make. It allows for a sense of security in the present and for a stable retirement in the future, and encourages participation in local community. In today's economic environment, many different matters threaten the ability of individuals to purchase homes and to maintain ownership over time. This issus area discusses topics related to these problems.
Instruction: Under each of the topics below, please make your contribution of a proposal to deal with the topic/problem, or provide a statement of unintended consequences. Feel free to comment on any contribution submitted by others.
  • Home Ownership-Threat of Major Investment

    In many cities today, the cost of home ownership is rising beyond the ability of lower and middle income individuals and families to purchase homes. One reason is the opportunity for major investors, both American and increasingly foreign, to purchase and construct homes and apartments for speculative investment. Some investors have so much cash available that they do not have to "rush" to make the homes (including apartments) available for purchase. This topic area solicits methods for limiting the practice of speculative investing in new construction of homes where the land available for such construction is limited.

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