Issue: Philosophy of the Forum

To encourage individuals, families, organizations and communities to be respectful, financially responsible, and socially accepting. 



Instruction: Under each of the topics below, please make your contribution of a proposal to deal with the topic/problem, or provide a statement of unintended consequences. Feel free to comment on any contribution submitted by others.
  • I Shall Pass This Way But Once..

     [Closed for further discussion]

    I shall pass this way but once.. Therefore, if there be any kindness I can show, or good thing I can do for another human being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again (versions attributed to both William Penn (1644-1718) and Stephen Grellet (1773-1855)).

  • On a Discussion of Religion

     [Closed for further discussion]

    Belief in a supreme being, or for that matter any religious belief (or absence of a belief), is a deeply personal matter. It may or may not be publicly expressed, which is a matter of personal decision. A person may or may not choose to join with others in the sharing of any such belief. The Forum shall respect the individual rights of every individual, and shall not enter into a discourse involving faith. This Issue is therefore closed for Forum discussion.

  • Appreciation of Persons of Faith

     [Closed for further discussion]

    Persons of faith, who are strong in their beliefs, yet accepting and tolerant of the beliefs of others, who also share of themselves, their spirit and their treasure, are a gift to all of us and are to be valued and respected.

  • Labels and Divisiveness

    Across our Country today, we are in a time of labels, i.e., the labeling of ideas and of "others", and the associated divisiveness and emphasis on our differences that this "labeling" so readily supports. We can be labeled as wealthy vs. poor, conservative vs. liberal, caucasian vs. people of color, rural vs. urban, right wing vs. left wing, religious right vs. non-believers, the list can go on and on. It can be argued that the use of "labeling" is actually a tool being used against all of us by those who can benefit from the associated and resulting divisiveness. It supports the ability of a limited number of persons to gain and hold power, abusing our ability to find our common positions, develop positive policies for our country, as well as allowing them to benefit financially to the detriment of others. Yes, "divide and conquer" is alive and well, with marketing executives and media personalities helping (intentionally or not) to drive us apart.

    Accepting this, there is one difference that we should all examine, and use in a positive way as a filter to guide us to approve ideas, appoint and elect our leaders, and pursue together policies to benefit the majority, doing the least harm to any and all minorities.

    The difference is simple but powerful; it is to distinguish between A) those persons and organizations whose purpose is to accrue power for powers sake and control of others, and wealth for wealth's sake and the benefit of their own designated persons or organization(s), without looking for, taking into account and ameliorating the consequences to others (by purposeful act or unintended consequence), and B) those persons and organizations who/which always keep in mind the need to examine the impact of their actions on others, looking for unintended negative consequences, and who are willing to share of their personal or family wealth, service, time, and spirit, while at the same time finding ways to encourage self responsibility and personal advancement by others.

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The Founder and President of NewUSA Issues Forum is Martin L. Meltz, Ph.D. He is a retired biomedical research scientist, Full Professor, businessman, corporate officer, and long-time community volunteer. He was born and raised in New York State, lived and worked for 35 years in Texas, and is now living in California. Martin has sponsored the development of this issues forum to allow Americans of different political viewpoints to work together to propose solutions to common problems.

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