Issue: Values

The word "Values" has been used by many persons and organizations, in many contexts, without definition of what values are actually being advocated. To attempt to bring clarification to the term, a list of positive values for an individual (or group of individuals) to aspire to, hold and to live by, is presented with definitions for each. This issue area solicits input about the values and descriptions listed, and the discussion is open to suggestions of others that should be considered for listing.

Instruction: Under each of the topics below, please make your contribution of a proposal to deal with the topic/problem, or provide a statement of unintended consequences. Feel free to comment on any contribution submitted by others.
  • Personal Values

    Integrity: The willingness to stand up for what one believes is right, and be consistent in that position, but with a willingness to adjust one's position when the facts and realities are found to be other than those on which one's position was previously based. Trustworthiness: One should strive for honesty in communication and relationships, and be honest in all fiscal matters. Loyalty: One should stand with one's family (especially) , friends, community(s), and nation, with the awareness that abusive behaviors between and within a family and community, as well as dishonesty, may lead to the need to move away from that loyalty. Helpfulness: The willingness, with money, time and/or resources, to assist others in bettering themselves or your/their community(s). Helping others is not only good for those receiving the help, but also uplifting and healthy for those who are being helpful. Friendliness and Cheerfulness: Provides an opportunity to meet others, to help others in ways not immediately obvious, and to benefit one's own being. It can also allow for improvement in group performance. Courteousness: Allows for better community, and always has the potential for bettering one's own position in life. Kindness: The healthiest thing a person can demonstrate. Respectfulness: This is appropriate behavior in any social setting and within any community in which a person exists. As is the case for loyalty, it is conditional on the honesty and absence of improper or abusive behavior in relationships. Obedience: This is entirely appropriate and should be expected within families, conditional on the honesty and absence of improper or abusive behavior in relationships. This can be the case within communities of different types in which an individual participates, with the same condition. Thriftiness: Requires an awareness of costs and benefits, and a willingness to limit short-term self-indulgence for the benefit of long term financial well being. This can have long-term mental and physical benefits. Braveness: A personality trait that can either be automatic, or require conscious decision, and will benefit others or community at one's own personal risk. Cleanliness: Can be applied to all aspects of living. Attempting to be clean to the best that one can achieve is a way to live a healthier mental and physical life. Tolerance: Everyone should be willing to personally accept that we can and might be intolerant. This can be for reasons that we may or may not understand, such as communications from family, friends, or a community at any time in our life. It can occur because of personal experience at some time in our life. We become a better person in our family and community(s), and as a nation, if we decide that we are willing to be tolerant of those who are different from us, who live differently than us, and who believe differently than we do, with the proviso that behaviors which are mentally or physically abusive or dishonest are not worthy or our social tolerance.          

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