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Spreading the Word About the NewUSA Issues ForumĀ®

If you believe that this deliberative effort is worthwhile, please distribute the website address of the NewUSA Issues ForumĀ® to those who you believe might want to participate. We welcome a thoughtful sharing of ideas. This is a community project!

About The Founder

The Founder and President of NewUSA Issues Forum is Martin L. Meltz, Ph.D. He is a retired biomedical research scientist, Full Professor, businessman, corporate officer, and long-time community volunteer. He was born and raised in New York State, lived and worked for 35 years in Texas, and is now living in California. Martin has sponsored the development of this issues forum to allow Americans of different political viewpoints to work together to propose solutions to common problems.

NewUSA Issues Forum

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Moderators Needed

Do you have a solution to an American problem? Are you willing to post it and then receive input and constructive criticism, or substitute a better suggestion received from others, including those with a different position then you have? Are you willing to synthesize a better solution? Are you prepared to volunteer your time, without renumeration, to moderate the topic? If so, visit Role of a Moderator, and volunteer!
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