Contents of Contributions

Each contribution submitted should concisely state either:

  • a new idea or improved approach to dealing with a topic listed; If a good solution to a problem already exist, it may be posted by a participant.
  • a recommended improvement to a proposal previously posted on the Forum either by the Topic Moderator (this can be expected to change based on contributions from participants) or by another contributor;
  • a statement of an undesirable or unintended consequence of any idea or solution posted (such comments may lead to modification of the initial solution if “adopted” by the topic moderator)

An idea that has appeared in publicly available media or organizational reports, as well as approaches which are already in place in one locale, may be posted on this website. If a general statement about a topic or issue is submitted, it may not be posted by the Moderator.

Length of Contribution

Submittals for posting in the NewUSA Issues Forum™ are limited to 1500 characters (approximately 225 words).

“Ownership” of Submittals

Contributors do not "own" any submitted “Proposed Solution” or statement of “Unintended Consequence.” Part or all of any submittal may be used by the Forum, in accord with the Purposes and Rules of the NewUSA Issues Forum™.

Attribution of Postings

Each comment submitted will require the name, city and state of residence, and the eMail address of the contributor.

  • At the time a comment is submitted, the contributor can indicate whether or not they want to allow their name to be posted for that comment.
  • The city and state will automatically be shown for all contributions posted by the Moderator.
  • The Email address will not be posted.

New Topic or Issue Suggestion

If a contributor believes that a new Topic under an issue or a new Issue should be to the NewUSA Issues Forum™, this should be indicted with a brief justification on the "Your New Topic or Issue?" page and submitted.

The Process

All submittals will be read, and may be freely used by the Forum Moderators without acknowledgement, permission or attribution. Any submittal containing impolite or derogatory statements, or expressions of anger or hostility, will result in a rejection for posting. It is expected that all contributions will be spell-checked prior to submittal, and will be written using reasonably correct English.

Activity State of a Topic

Because of the potential burden on Moderator availability, the discussion of many Topics, while listed in an Issue area in this Forum, will be identified as either OpenTemporarily closed for Discussion, or Closed. If the Topic is “Temporarily closed for Discussion,” the comments will be kept in the record for later review (at the discretion of the Forum) and possible approval for posting. If a Topic is “Closed‘,” the site will not receive any comments submitted.

Any posting indicated as "Updated" must be assumed to be edited by a Topic Moderator or by the Forum Administrator.

If a posting is determined to violate the Purpose or Rules of the NewUSA Issues Forum™,  it will be removed by the site Administrator.

Moderators Needed

The Forum will require the assistance of a number of Topic Moderators to move forward successfully.


Since none of us can be an expert in all topics of concern, the NewUSA Issues Forum™ is asking individuals with greater knowledge in a particular area to lend their skills to this process of generating solutions or improving upon reasonable ideas submitted by others. Please consider volunteering to be a Moderator of one or more Topics.

Respond to Request to Serve

From time to time, the Forum Administrator will communicate with, review the credentials of, and designate individual participants to serve in the role of Topic Moderator. Moderators will be given, for one or more topics, many of the same decision making authorizations as the Forum Administrator. They will be required to adhere to the Role and Purposes posted on the web site, and to support and adhere to the rules of the NewUSA Issues Forum™. They participate at the discretion of the Forum Administrator.

Spreading the Word About the NewUSA Issues Forum™

If you believe that this deliberative effort is worthwhile, distribute this website address to anyone whom you believe might want to participate. We welcome a thoughtful sharing of ideas.  This is a community project.


Spreading the Word About the NewUSA Issues ForumĀ®

If you believe that this deliberative effort is worthwhile, please distribute the website address of the NewUSA Issues ForumĀ® to those who you believe might want to participate. We welcome a thoughtful sharing of ideas. This is a community project!

About The Founder

The Founder and President of NewUSA Issues Forum is Martin L. Meltz, Ph.D. He is a retired biomedical research scientist, Full Professor, businessman, corporate officer, and long-time community volunteer. He was born and raised in New York State, lived and worked for 35 years in Texas, and is now living in California. Martin has sponsored the development of this issues forum to allow Americans of different political viewpoints to work together to propose solutions to common problems.

NewUSA Issues Forum

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Moderators Needed

Do you have a solution to an American problem? Are you willing to post it and then receive input and constructive criticism, or substitute a better suggestion received from others, including those with a different position then you have? Are you willing to synthesize a better solution? Are you prepared to volunteer your time, without renumeration, to moderate the topic? If so, visit Role of a Moderator, and volunteer!
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