So how do we move forward?

Rather than complain about what is obvious (to many), this NewUSA Issues Forum™ asks everyone participating to discuss and help formalize solutions and new directions that are fair and appropriate, and that can benefit the majority, while always working to protect the minority. The underlying theme is to consider both conservative and liberal/progressive principles and ideas, and where it is appropriate, merge them together to develop (synthesize) a better or new approach.

The goal is to accomplish this with as much community involvement as possible, where the attempt is made to apply the solution(s) while keeping costs down. There is not, and never can be, enough public funding to accomplish everything that all of us might want to see happen. Therefore, those public funds that we agree to make available should be used for efforts and programs to solve problems beyond the capabilities of any individual or family, and possibly local community, to practically and/or financially deal with.  The same approach can be applied to local or state problems, using federal funding.

As indicated above, this effort assumes that to accomplish these aspirations, the input of individuals with often competing viewpoints is highly desirable. When new approaches are put in place, they should periodically undergo review, even while being continually monitored, in order to prevent unintended and potentially negative consequences with regard to cost. This includes monitoring efforts for abusive expenditures and inappropriate costs. Without these processes, the outcome most likely will be disruption and possibly failure.

Many of the topics, inter-related or not, can be explored individually. Often they already have been addressed. Excellent proposals for dealing with issues may be found in comprehensive "Guidelines" or other documents prepared by thoughtful local, state and national organizations. If participants in this forum are aware of such proposals, please submit the relevant statements from these documents (referencing the document) for a specific topic within an issue. Whether or not such a proposal already exists, let's work together, using the NewUSA Issues Forum™, to create proposals that can be considered at the local, state, regional and/or national level because they are among the best, most reasonable and least costly solutions that we can collectively generate to deal with problems to improve our communities or country.


Spreading the Word About the NewUSA Issues ForumĀ®

If you believe that this deliberative effort is worthwhile, please distribute the website address of the NewUSA Issues ForumĀ® to those who you believe might want to participate. We welcome a thoughtful sharing of ideas. This is a community project!

About The Founder

The Founder and President of NewUSA Issues Forum is Martin L. Meltz, Ph.D. He is a retired biomedical research scientist, Full Professor, businessman, corporate officer, and long-time community volunteer. He was born and raised in New York State, lived and worked for 35 years in Texas, and is now living in California. Martin has sponsored the development of this issues forum to allow Americans of different political viewpoints to work together to propose solutions to common problems.

NewUSA Issues Forum

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