Potential Topics

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Access to Voting by Disabled

It appears that in a number of instances, the access to voting booths or places by persons with disa...

Accrued Leave

The problem of accumulated leave time can be enormous. For instance, Bloomberg News reported (12/13/...

Accumulated Vacation Time

Actions based on supporting democratically elected governments

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Additional Retirement Income

The Problem: A very large number of Americans will have only social security income to depend on aft...

Alcohol Consumption

Recent statistics suggest that most alcohol consumption is performed by the top ten (10) percentile ...

Attention to Countries in all Hemispheres

Auditing Requirements for Non-profits

The desire at the federal level to avoid fraudulent activity now requires that even the smalles...

Balance Labor and Business Restrictions in Political Activity

Ban on the Export of Crude Oil

The U.S. banned the export of crude oil in 1975, which, although relevant at the time, is ...

Body Cams

Budget Adoption Timeline

Budgeting of time and finance skills

Bullying in Schools

Bullying is not new. What is new is the ability of individuals or groups of individuals to use socia...

Candidacy Opportunity - Job retention

An approach is suggested which could allow more Americans to run for public office. It would allow a...

Candidate Reemployment Guarantee

Establish a system wherein a candidate for an office would be allowed, if they worked at a company&n...

Charitable Split of Campaign Donations

Chemical Hazardous Agents - Man-made

Chemical Hazardous Agents - Natural

Community Policing

Every jurisdiction should consider establishing a program of community policing, where such a p...

Congressional Perks After Leaving Office

Consolidation of Media

It now appears that only six (6) multinational conglomerates own the majority of media outlets in th...

Consumption Tax

Continuing Resolutions

Continuum of Care Post-treatment

Corporate Tax Breaks

Specific individuals, organizations and industries which have been reported to be beneficiaries of t...

Cost of Continuing a Regulated Activity

Legislation is often passed that initiates an activity or regulation, where the real costs of either...

Cost of Health Professional Education

Cost of Living Increase for Social Security Recipients

Cost vs. Benefit of New Medical Devices and Equipment

Medical device and equipment manufacturers are continuously working to develop new products, and to ...

Cost(s) of Health Care

Creativity (including the arts)

The underlying theme is that the development of  the "gift" of artistry in children s...

Criteria for Aspiring Partner Nations

In determining who are the current and future friends of the United States of America, a number of c...

Critical Thinking Skills

There is a need to insure that individuals can participate in problem solving, both individually and...

Debt Ceiling

Decentralized Energy Production

In a time when the demand for energy is increasing internationally, the costs for production are lik...

Decision-making Based on Weight of Evidence


Designated Campgrounds

Development of a Healthy Image for Young People

Disclosure of Supporters of Add-ons to Legislation

The addition of add-ons to drafted legislation, during the final processing and adoption of that leg...

Discrimination Against Currently Unemployed

DNA Sampling

It has been stated that as of 2014, only 27 states take DNA samples upon felony arrests. It is uncle...


Dreamers: A population of young people that aspires to make constructive contributions to Ameri...

Drug Costs

Drug Sales From Cars

A number of years ago, at a session at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association ...

Dust Standard

It appears, as of the end of 2014, that OSHA has not established a national dust standard. This is n...

Educating Children to Avoid Risky Behaviors

Education About Nature

Education in Obesity Control

Electing Responsible Officials

Eliminate Unrelated Amendments to Legislation

Elected officials (and sometimes the appointed personnel assisting them) appear to have an inexhaust...

Elimination of Fraud in Government Spending

Elimination of Government Inefficiency and Redundancy

Elimination of Oil and Gas Subsidies

At a time when oil and gas companies are making substantial profits, the need to continue subsidies ...

Elimination of Padding in Government Contracts

Emergency Preparedness at the Local Community Level

Emergency Response Funding

Procedures need to be put in place to insure the timely and continuous availability of funding ...

Employee Profit Sharing

Employee Stock Options

End of Life Decisions

Environmental Degradation

Expression and Assembly

The right of each individual to express his or her own personal thoughts, and to do so in a manner a...

Extreme Fundamentalism

The enemy of peace, freedom, prosperity, and productive relations between people inside a country an...

Filibuster of Presidential Appointments

The President that is elected each four years by the people of the United States is an administrator...

Food Stamp Assistance

Recent figures (Washington Post,David Brown, Pub. 12/14/12) indicate that 48 million persons receive...

Foreign Cultural Exchange Exemption to Ethics Rules

In establishing its ethics rules, Congress exempted overseas travel restrictions trips deemed to be ...

Funding For New Roadway and Transportation Construction and Repair

Our roadways, bridges and tunnels are facing an increase in the need for repair and replacement. Fun...

Gang Violence


The impact of gentrification on affordable housing needs to be considered. The displacement of curre...


There are 435 Congressional Districts in the United States. Of these, it has been said that only abo...

Good Samaritan Laws for Helping Deal with Addiction

Guest Conferences for Elected Officials and Lobbyists

An option open to well-funded interests that wish to influence legislators is to help spon...

Guest Worker Program

Hepatitis C (HepC)

A large number of Americans have likely been exposed, for a number of reasons, and may be infected w...

Heroin Overdose Treatment

High School Dropout Rate

Home Health Care



Hunger is a problem not only internationally, but in the United States as well. Locally, indivi...

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracting)

There are considerable supply, profit and employment benefits resulting from the use of the pro...

Identification of Funding Before Mandates to Lower Levels of Government

One significant failure of our governmental system is the lack of a requirement that, before any lev...

Illness: Environmental Causes

Illness is detrimental to all, from prior to birth to the time of death. Its causes are many, both n...

Illness: Man-made Causes

Illness is detrimental to all, from prior to birth to the time of death. Its causes are many, both n...

Illness: Natural causes

Illness is detrimental to all, from prior to birth to the time of death. Its causes are many, both n...

Income Inequality

Increasing Population Density

Increasing the Minimum Wage

The federal minimum wage is currently at $7.45 per hour. For a work year of 2080 hours, the annual s...

Ineligibility due to Car Ownership

It has been reported that car ownership can be an asset that can result in denial of government fund...

Infrastructure Bank

The United States has an aging infrastructure. With increases in our population, we will have a cont...

Infrastructure Construction (Roads, Bridges, Highways, etc.)

The infrastructure of the United States is failing. It needs renewal for many reasons, including saf...

Internet Sales and Job Loss

The opportunity to purchase goods and services over the internet, at costs lower than those charged ...

Limitations of Punishment by SEC

When the SEC investigates and finds wrongdoing in the financial services industry, the punishments t...

Livable Wage

A "livable wage" can be distinguished from a "minimum wage."  The latter ca...

Living and Working in a Healthy Environment

All citizens and visitors have the right to live and work in an environment that is not made hazardo...

Lobbying Rules for Congressman after Leaving Office

Local Community Meetings

The lack of broad-based community interaction in most population centers, and the "separateness...

Local Water Collection (Pooling)


Maintaining a Strong Mining Industry

Maintaining a Strong Space Industry

Maintaining a Strong Vehicle Manufacturing Industry (Auto, Truck, Aircraft, Naval Vessel)

Man-made Biohazard Agents

Mandatory Reading of Commissioned Documents

It appears that at least some of our Congressman and Congresswomen do not always read the reports wh...

Marketing to Youth

Medical Device Tax

Medical Tort Reform

Medicare Documentation

Medicare Drug Negotiation


Mental Health Parity

Mental Health Training for Teachers

The stresses on young people today are coming from many directions. Bullying and teen suicide are in...

Military Service on Path to Citizenship

Mortgage Deduction

The elimination of the home mortgage deduction is very controversial. Any such reduction could poten...

Natural Biohazard Agents

Net Neutrality

No New Taxes

The concept of "No New Taxes" has a nice ring, but it ignores the reality of a social cont...

Nursing Care

Occupational Therapy

Ozone Limits

Pension Costs in the Public Sector

The cost of pensions in the public sector is leading to ever increasing financial problems for diffe...

Percentage of Wage or Salary Increase Into Retirement Account

Whenever the minimum wage is raised, it is suggested that a percentage of the increase be placed (ma...

Periodic Performance Reviews

Physical activity

Physical Therapy

Physician Care

Police Review Boards

It is proposed that police review boards be established in any jurisdiction, at any level of governm...

Post-Tenure Review

Prepayment of Retirement by Post Office

Postal Accountability Act of 2006

Price Supports for Farmers


It is proposed that the economic growth and future financial well-being of the United States of Amer...

Project Based Learning

Proper Outdoor Nighttime Clothing

How many people have been injured, disabled, or killed because they choose not to protect themselves...

Proposed Voting Procedure to Overcome 60 Vote

Senator Harkins has submitted one proposal to end debate. The proposal is that after the first clotu...

Protection of Employees During Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy of a business often means financial hardship to employees, not only in terms of job l...

Public Cost Reimbursement on Conviction

It is initially proposed by the Forum that in all cases of white collar crime, the convicted individ...

Public Funding of Elections

Quality of Education

The quality of the education that a person receives can impact on future employment, career opp...

Racial Bias Training

It is proposed that all government employees, and in particular public safety officials, r...

Radiological Hazardous Agents


The new California process for redistricting is one approach that can be considered. Are t...

Reducing Flooding Risk

Reducing Personal Abusive Behavior

For the betterment of one's self family and country, each persons should avoid being abusive ver...

Reduction of Greenhouse and Carbon Gas Emissions

Reproductive Freedom

The underlying thesis is that all adult (emancipated) persons (as defined by legal statute) hav...

Responsibility Education

Review of Specific Agency Performance

The role and function of various federal and state agencies is often challenged as being inappropria...

Right to Work Laws

Right to Work laws can lead to reduced membership in labor unions. This can subsequently lead to red...

Robots, Robotic Technology and Future Employment

The use of robotic technology is an exciting area of development. There is an increasing awareness t...

Same-sex Marriage

Section 8 Landlord Availability

Section 8 Voucher Availability



Single Member Districts

Stabilizing Social Seccurity

Standardized Tests

Statutory Spending Caps

Student Loan Burden

Support of Capitalism Internationally

Support of Free Speech and Free Media

Tax Extenders

It has been reported that there are currently 52 "tax extenders." These can be either temp...

Terrorist Use of Biohazard Agents

Threat to Family of Low Paying Jobs

One of the potential threats to successful family life is low paying jobs. This Topic Area is open t...

Time Allowed Away from Legislative Activity

The amount of time that Congressman and Congresswomen are "away" from their participation ...

Time Limits Between Changes in Regulations

A corporate executive once stated in a media interview that businesses can deal with changes in regu...

Tiny Homes

Tobacco Products: Minimum Purchase Age

Tobacco Products: Taxation of

Too Big to Fail

Toxic Air Emissions

Transportation Needs

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury is receiving considerable public attention relative to sports injuries, and i...

Universal Identification

Violence Against Nature

Violence Against Women's Act

The U.S. Congress recently failed to renew the Violence Against Women's Act. The reasoning behin...

Violence in Media

A major concern is that the appearance of violence in media, when viewed by children, might lead to ...

Violence of Man

Voting Requirement

The percentage of people actually voting is trending downward in many elections. A requirement for p...

Wage Theft

Warming Stations

Wealth Inequality

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