Where's the Good News?

All across our country, people and the organizations and communities we all belong to or participate in are doing positive and constructive things. The reason that our country continues to be a great country is because of the willingness of our people, with all of our diversity, to respond positively and often creatively to situations that arise. One of the problems that we have is that the publicly available news media continually focus on flashing red lights, blood, violence, and individual and cultural pathology (bad things). They only minimally present positive activities that would enlighten others about how to deal constructively with any manner of situations. News organizations have the right of free expression of course. However, they are using public infrastructure at some part of doing business. It is therefore initially proposed by the forum that for any news sharing (video, print, or sound) , it be required that at least thirty (30) percent of actual news time (not including advertising) be devoted to new of positive activity in the media market of that media source.


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    jan DurocherJul 10, 2016

    Good News could be in the form of scientific discoveries, charitable efforts, establishment of community organizations. Most lacking seems to the news of scientific discoveries. Can labs be encouraged to pride themselves on their work and promote what they are doing? How can this link be established between the media and the research institutes? Is there a fear of patent breach? Are the research institutes too controlled by pharmaceuticals and defense industries to want to share any good news?

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